Hydrogen: The future of green cars?

At the Detroit Motor Show last month, Audi made waves in the electric car industry with the unveiling of the Audi H-Tron ‘Quattro’, a hydrogen powered car that could be a reality as near as the end of this decade. Although still in it’s concept stage currently, the model pushes the realms of electric powered […]

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

There was shock and controversy in September of this year when it was discovered that the cars Volkswagen manufacture can contain software which is able to cheat US pollution tests.  It became apparent that this ‘defeat device’ worked to give the impression that emissions are cleaner than they actually are, which is especially shocking considering […]

DVLA Warns about Driving Licence Scam Email

At Caversham Vehicle Hire, we like to keep our customers up-to-date with current affairs in the industry, which is why this month, we’d like to share with you an important notification from the DVLA with regards to online fraudsters. Online crime Online scams are now the most common type of crime, and the Office for […]

Electric Vehicles – The Future Today?

Since the electric vehicle was introduced to the market, the fascination has been evident as just a few years ago, the idea of having a car running on electricity was unimaginable. Electric cars can simply be described as vehicles that are electricity powered. Even though electric cars look very much like their fuel-powered counterparts on […]

Vehicle CO2 Emissions Continue To Fall

Since 2010, new legislation has been in force under which the European Environment Agency (EEA) has been monitoring the levels of CO2 emissions from new passenger cars. Regulation 443/2009 requires all member states of the European Union (EU) to record data on the CO2 emission levels of each newly registered car within its jurisdiction. The […]

Motor Expo London 2015

Motor Expo is one of the most popular motor events ever, and it’s coming to Canary Wharf in London next month! First launched in 1996, Motor Expo is officially the world’s largest, free motoring event and is a fantastic chance for avid car lovers to unite and share their love for shiny and speedy new […]

Luxury Motor Show 2015

Next month, Nottingham will be hosting one of the most prestigious car events in the UK; The Luxury Motor Show.  Held at the marvelous Goosedale in Nottingham, this popular motor event is well situated, set amongst 100 acres of beautiful, rural countryside – the perfect setting for such a sophisticated affair. What will be there? […]

UK Driving Licence Changes 2015

There are recent changes being implemented in the upcoming months with regards to driving licences, so the team here at Caversham Vehicle Hire thought we’d use this as an opportunity to share the news with you, so you can be kept in the know and ahead of the game ready for when the changes are […]

Geneva International Motor Show 2015

For all you avid car lovers out there, you may well be interested in this year’s Geneva International Motor Show – the greatest worldwide premiere presented by some of the greatest manufacturers in the industry! Aston Martin Vantage GT3. Image courtesy of Aston Martin. What, where and when? The event will be held at Geneva […]